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By James Villepigue CSCS • June 15, 2019

The Miserable Truth!

truth-quote_the-truth-will-set-you-free-but-first-it-will-makes-you-miserable-65a07The Miserable Truth!

The truth of the matter is that being miserable is often due to consequences of something we did or didn’t do in our lives. When it comes to our health, feeling miserable often leads to being miserable and 9 out of 10 times, it involves an underlying deficiency in our hormones!From optimizing mood and energy to libido and cognitive function, the powerful benefits associated with hormone optimization therapy H.O.T., are much more than most people realize.

Life happens for each of us, and no matter how great you think others have it, the reality is that most people have the same struggles as you and I – at the very least, EVERYONE faces challenges in some aspect of their lives. It’s very easy to think that assets like money and material things would change everything for you – it’s so easy to imagine that these things would make you so much happier than you currently are…

MoneyDon’t get me wrong, money is certainly a necessity for living a “healthy life”, but the way most people think of money and material things aren’t in “healthy balance” or a matter of having “just enough”. It’s usually much bigger than that, to the point of gross abundance. In fact, having too much of anything, can often lead to damaging consequences.

Have you ever thought about life in terms of this? “All the money and material things in the world cannot buy you back good health”. If God forbid you ever became ill, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to buy back your health!

Many young and middle-aged people, who feel relatively good, live their lives based on something called, “fleeting glory” – it means that glory is temporary and when it passes, it’s when things get real! The time we have on this earth should be lived with great passion and to our greatest potential. It’s pretty easy to procrastinate and put off today what can be done tomorrow.

Living a life with our attention only on “right now” may mean that your “tomorrows” aren’t what you expected. It’s not rocket science; while we still have our youth and ideal health, we should be doing all we can to maintain and build upon it, so that tomorrow becomes part of the plan and not random chance.

When I was about 20-years old, I was driven to become better than I once was. I had finally overcome being bullied and I swore that I’d never go back to the old Jimmy. The old life of the fat kid now turned into a life obsessed with doing anything I could to look great! I loved the way people quickly began responding to this new version of myself and hey, who wouldn’t love the feeling of suddenly being respected and receiving attention now that I suddenly looked like someone who society defined as being worthy enough?

not the truthIt was a farce!
I may have looked great on the outside, but I was still the sensitive fat kid, inside, and I was just as vulnerable now as I was back then. The point here is that I really wasn’t any healthier, even though you may have guessed I was. In fact, my eating disorder and the extreme means by which I was now leading my life, was more damaging than anything I had ever done as an obese teen.

I’m now 48-years old and for me, health is everything. Sure, I want to look great and feel great, but more than anything, I want to know that I’m healthy and that “dad”, “honey” and “son” has the ability to take care of himself and more importantly, take great care of the people around me, who depend on me!

How about you? What stage of your life are you in? If we’re being real, what is your reality and what would you change if you had the opportunity?

As an influencer in the health, wellness and fitness industry, part of my responsibility includes leading people to become the best versions of themselves. It’s about living by example, so that people see that I’m just like them, so that they see the common thread between us and so I can truly connect with them and perhaps inspire them to bring powerful changes to their own lives.

New WayMake A Change, Right Now!
Working with Renew Life RX, is all about health, first. Of course we want you to look and feel great, but we begin everything with helping you develop a solid foundation centered on optimized health. When you make health the primary focus of your life, benefits such as looking and feeling great, are spill-over effects from your worthy efforts.

I want you to be smart about your life and the choices you make. We have one life to live and so, I implore you to stop the self-sabotage, get out of your own way and make room for a new version of yourself. When you do, this new and enriched life will be some of the greatest days you’ve ever experienced. Let it be!

If you’re at a point in your life, where you’re ready to really make tomorrow matter, please reach out to me and allow me to help you. It would mean the world to me and certainly to the people who truly love and care about you.

Best to you!


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