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1.  Schedule a brief discovery consultation
We’ll discuss how you’re feeling, hear and answer your questions, walk you through how our process works, and then figure out if exploring Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you.
2.  Customize a personal lifestyle solution based on your needs
Everything starts with one of our doctors reviewing your health history and ordering our extensive lab panel to complete locally. Based on the results of your lab work and physical exam, our Doctors will put together a treatment plan to help you reach the goals you were looking for, while also improving your overall health.
3.  Start feeling better immediately!

Once we’ve decided on a plan, your treatment program is delivered straight to your door from one of our accredited pharmacy partners.  We will continue to monitor your progress with the program by having weekly check-ins with our staff and doctors to make sure you are able to maximize your results working with us.

“It is so important to have thorough lab work completed in order to have the most detailed look at your hormones and overall health! Just checking your testosterone only is a bad idea. We want the whole picture and so should you! Here is a list of some of the markers our doctors like to look at in order to put you on the best path for longevity.”
Find out more about some of the labs we look at and why:


The one we all have heard about, but there is still lots of confusion. What is “normal”? What is “optimal”? What is actually best for me? Who should I talk to about this? General practitioners? Endocrinologist? Urologist? If you have made it to this point, you have probably already dealt with this unwanted scavenger hunt to find the answers. We obviously check your levels and work with you to makes sure we find your “sweet spot” for the best results physically and mentally. Too much testosterone can be just as much of a problem as not enough. Most of the clients we manage float around the 1000-1200 Nano grams per deciliter (ng/dL). We still have clients that feel best in the 6 or 700s. Our doctors work with you to find what works best for you and keep you in great health!


Red and white blood cell count. Hemoglobin and Hematocrit just to name a few. We want to rule out any issues of anemia and also understand the general health of your blood prior to treatment. Many clients come to us from a lower quality treatment center and we see high risk in these areas that might require correcting before we move forward, for your safety.


We all know that healthy cholesterol levels are good, but many times we do not know why they get out of range. We have a great track record of helping clients get cholesterol in order without any medication. It is also very important to keep an eye on even good cholesterol while on testosterone replacement therapy because testosterone and some other medications used in those programs can negatively affect cholesterol issues.


One of the most over looked hormones by athletes and medical professionals. This hormone isn’t directly related to building muscles and not part of “routine check-ups”, but a very important hormone to pay attention to. In this modern world of stress, anxiety, and over stimulation our bodies endure many internal obstacles like “adrenal fatigue”, excessive cortisol pouring into our system, and issues with “fight or flight” from every other email, horn honking, and so on. Health DHEA levels can help the body combat these issues better.


Thyroid-stimulating hormone. This allows us to uncover any initial issues with thyroid function in the body. Unfortunately issues with thyroid are very prevalent in society. Additional issues are over treating/medicating what might be a mild problem that can be corrected conservatively. We prefer the conservative approach here to stay focused on longevity over a “quick fix”. Everything from unexplained weight gain, excessive fatigue, depression, and even hair loss can be associated with poor TSH levels.


We like to look at this marker to measure how much Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 is present in your body. Many issues can arise from low levels of IGF-1. We offer a few options to help clients achieve optimal levels of IGF-1 through growth hormone and growth hormone precursors that actually help your body produce more IGF-1 on its own. This is a great way to attack many of the issues of aging! Increased IGF-1 levels have been shown to improve cognitive function, increase antioxidants, decrease inflammation, lean muscle building and reduces muscle wasting. The list of benefits continues and are pretty astounding for those individuals that are concerned with managing the aging process!


Follicle-stimulating hormone and LH, Luteinizing hormone. Measuring these indicators on your lab work helps us take a look at the natural production of testosterone function in your body and how your pituitary gland is communicating with the testes to do their job.


This test measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in your blood. It is wise to pay attention to this indicator as we get older and specifically for those on testosterone replacement therapy. We monitor this regularly for you and in the rare event we see a spike or concern, we can refer you to a specialist to rule out any concerns or get treatment early. We specialize in HRT, but your overall health is always #1.


The enemy… Not really, but estrogen can definitely cause some serious health issues if not monitored. We like to see where your levels are at once you become a client to see if dominate estrogen in your body is already an issue. We have clients with high estrogen related to food they eat regularly and we also see clients that are just taking testosterone and “have no symptoms” of high estrogen so their current provided isn’t monitoring it… bad idea. Too high estrogen can lead to many health issues and even too low estrogen can have its side effects on lifestyle. We want to make sure you have those levels in the right place, always.


This test measures the level of sex hormone binding globulin in your blood. If your levels are too high or low you will still have many of the symptoms of low testosterone even when you are on testosterone replacement therapy. This is a very important marker to check prior to testosterone replacement therapy and during the process to make sure your body has the ability to distribute the hormones like estrogen and testosterone effectively.


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