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By Renew Life RX • December 7, 2022

Unexplained FAT GAIN?

unexplained fat gain

Trying to lose body fat when your hormones are out of balance is almost impossible, and certainly discouraging. Many of our clients come to us because they are exercising and eating well, but the fat will not disappear.

To figure out what's going on with your body, we need to do a blood panel so we can see what your lab work says about your hormones and overall health! Most women don't check their testosterone levels when they get tested for hormone imbalance.  Despite the buzzwords estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid, testosterone plays a huge role in your happiness, and understanding how all your key hormones interact is the key to maximizing your health and performance (we use these results to customize your treatment plan). When you have a complete blood panel, you have all the answers to the test, not just one.

The RenewLifeRx Blood Panel Test™ is a collection of the most important health and hormonal markers that our doctors have combined together into one lab request.  We have a national partnership with LabCorp, the world’s leading health care diagnostics company to safely perform and analyze each blood panel request.