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By James Villepigue CSCS • October 2, 2019

Over-Training OR Under-Eating?

Tonight’s show includes a discussion on a recent study of 39 athletes; 14 over-trained and 25 healthy athletes -  they looked at everything from sleep and eating patterns to training modalities and micronutrient intake, and what they found was quite profound…

They discovered that it's poor eating patterns that predominantly led to over-training and had little to do with actual training! “What The What?!”

Under-eating plays a HUGE factor in creating Over-Training Syndrome and both men and women are at risk – especially women, as women tend to be much more fearful of eating too much; which typically equates to not eating nearly enough and typically leads to muscle wasting.

You can be in a caloric deficit, weight train and perform cardio all day long, and the body still packs on pounds of dangerous visceral body fat. This is life changing information that you MUST take serious, folks!

Here’s another gem from tonight's podcast: We’ve all familiar with Obstructive Sleep Apnea – well, a recent study concludes that it’s not that it decreases testosterone, BUT rather disrupts the ability for testosterone to be utilized because good ole cortisol goes through the roof!
It’s yet another “What The What?!”, and there are plenty more gems you’ll learn about during tonight’s show!

Tune in to the latest Renew Life RX podcast, fueled by Super Human Radio, with Carl Lanore and our own Ronnie “Milo”, as they drill down into the truth about Over-Training and how we can counter the effects.


As always, I leave you with the mission of Renew Life RX - we are here to help our patients optimize their health. We choose only to work with people who are proactive when it comes to their health  = you take care of yourself, eat clean, train consistently and do your part, and we will do everything we can to care for you, while providing exceptional patient support

Keep Going!

~James Villepigue and Team Renew Life RX