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By James Villepigue CSCS • September 18, 2019

This Is A Fat Attack - Super Human Radio Podcast

The dietary nutrition and sports supplements industry is chock-full of fat burning products that may or may not work - truth be told, the majority of them don't work and if anything, it's your pocket that's gonna lose.

The science of fat loss shows that hormones are usually the culprit when fat begins piling on - especially when you're doing all you can to attack fat i.e diet & exercise.

The Fat Loss Peptide Stack combats fat from three different angles. As importantly, our medically supervised hormone optimization takes into account any deficiencies in your hormones and works on optimizing any deficiencies that are discovered through our "deep dive" blood panel.  

Listen in to the latest Super Human Radio Podcast, where our in-house peptide specialist, Ronnie "Milo", digs in with Carl Lanore, as they cover the facts about burning body fat with peptides! 

*The reality is that you may or may not be a candidate for the Fat Loss Peptide Stack. After listening, reach out to Ronnie "Milo" (, to find out! 

Click the link, below, listen in, and see if this is something that can finally help you burn all that stubborn body fat, once and for all:


As always, I leave you with the mission of Renew Life RX - we are here to help our patients optimize their health. We choose only to work with people who are proactive when it comes to their health  = you take care of yourself, eat clean, train consistently and do your part, and we will do everything we can to care for you, while providing exceptional patient support