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By James Villepigue CSCS • May 4, 2019

The Five-Muscular Tiers - #4 Supplements

LIFERGood morning, Lifer! For those of you who are still not quite sure what in the world a "lifer" is – it’s the person who has committed himself or herself to living a life of total empowerment - through daily exercise, healthy nutrition, quality supplements (anything additional to whole food, designed to support optimized health) and adequate rest & recovery (including sleep and rest from exercise).

Achieving a total life of empowerment, begins with the right attitude. Once you have that down and are emotionally prepared to truly take life on, you've allowed for the magic to begin!

You see, without going "all in", it becomes more like a hobby or a part-time job versus a worthy full-time lifestyle. All InLiving healthy on a part-time basis, allows for life to get in the way - excuses set in and your health-based efforts become more like chores instead of life.  

We've already covered exercise and nutrition as part of the Five-Muscular Tiers, so it's now time to discuss supplements. For the purpose of this article, the term “supplements” is defined as, "any scientifically proven means or methods to help further improve your overall health...over and above what healthy whole-food can deliver.

Blood WrxIt All Begins With Blood Work!
One of the very first things that anyone should or can do, to ensure they’re supplementing with things he or she either needs or that their body can healthfully utilize, is through blood work. Until then, deciding on what to supplement your health with, is simply not worth the risk!

You must recognize that without this "inside scoop", ALL high-level health-based efforts will be foiled (no matter how skilled or intelligent someone may be), unless they check on what’s happening “under the hood”.

There’s a secret in the fitness industry and some fitness trainers, dietary supplements/nutrition companies, gyms & health clubs don’t really want you to know about…

The truth is that there are many influencers, at the lead of the health & fitness industry, who don’t want you to become aware of your internal health. When you become aware of health through blood work, you then know what your body needs in order to achieve optimized health and fitness...and you know what to avoid!

Secrets OutThe secrets are located in your blood work and there are many valuable insights currently hiding in your body that you need to know about, if you wish to finally change how you look and feel.

One of the most impactful gifts that you could ever give yourself or a loved one, is a prescription for an extensive blood panel, testing specific markers for certain levels that matter most. 

One of the things that we do quite well at Renew Life RX, is offer our extensive blood panel testing so that you can see exactly where you might be hormonally deficient. We then educate you, so that you will fully understand how to bring total balance to your health. This internal snapshot can is life changing for most people and it’s just the beginning for people who are seriously ready to begin their “Lifer” journey.

If you’re ready to take this first major step in your health, reach out and let’s do things the right way!

*If you're ready to get serious and take action - tell me how serious you are!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS