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By James Villepigue CSCS • June 26, 2019

Autoimmune Disorders: TestosterTHRONE, The Royal Treatment!

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This week's podcast, powered by Super Human Radio, is a doozy! Carl Lanore and Adam Lamb, discuss the significance of testosterone and its impact on auto-immunity.

Many people suffer from autoimmune disorders. One of the most prevalent autoimmune disorders is when antibodies attack the thyroid gland, known as thyroiditis - this one disorder can wreak havoc on the body, causing chronic inflammation and diseases such as Hashimoto's Disease.

What's truly fascinating about this, folks, is how we're seeing how testosterone is helping to correct auto-immunity straight where it begins; in the gut!

It comes down to this = it is vital for anyone reading this, to take a next step and have your testosterone levels checked. Men and women, alike, this will be one of the most important things you can do for the sake of your health & wellbeing. 

One last gem: many people believe that testosterone is simply the male marker hormone and is mainly associated with men and muscle building. This could not be further from fact! Listen in and see how testosterone is responsible for helping to save people's overall health...

Let's dig in - click here to listen, now!

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