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By James Villepigue CSCS • October 16, 2019

Scientific Discovery: Why you haven't been able to gain muscle!  Podcast Edition.

Tune in to the latest Renew Life RX podcast, fueled by Super Human Radio, with Carl Lanore and our own Ronnie “Milo”, as they explain why you've not been able to build muscle and achieve optimized fitness results.

When you're nerds like we all are, you want to learn and not waste time listening to nonsense - when one of our talented team members do a podcast, we want you coming away from that show with valuable information that you can quickly put to use!
If you're impatient, here's the link to listen-in, right now!


Anyone who is well versed with hormones, will tell you we've been taught that Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is responsible for binding up sex hormones like androgens and estrogens - binding our testosterone, means limiting the amount of biologically available "free-testosterone" limiting the key benefits of those sex hormones. 

Now, a recent study suggests that this IS NOT TRUE! In fact, we're now learning that it's the opposite; that bound up testosterone is still active and that it's actually the protein known as MEGALIN, which is responsible for making sex hormones biologically available for use.

Megalin, also known as Lrp2, is something you'll want to pay very close attention to, as we're finally understanding the reason why so many people don't experience the intended benefits of supplementation! 
Milo and Carl, break down the science and ultimately tell us what this means for us moving forward. Get back up there, click the link, and listen in to this fascinating show.  

As always, I leave you with the mission of Renew Life RX - we are here to help our patients optimize their health. We choose only to work with people who are proactive when it comes to their health  = you take care of yourself, eat clean, train consistently and do your part, and we will do everything we can to care for you, while providing exceptional patient support


~James Villepigue and Team Renew Life RX