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By Renew Life RX • March 30, 2019

Powerful Peptides - TB-500

For the purposes of getting straight to the point, Peptides are a sequence of amino acids. The use of Peptides, is a fascinating medical breakthrough for patients who are interested in the benefits of optimized health including, fat loss and anti-catabolic muscle tissue enhancement, anti-aging, immune health, gut healing, cardiovascular and neuroprotective health, and various types of tissue repair, including rapid connective tissue injury rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery. 

Being a heavily active person, the chances of injuring a muscle or tendon, tend to be something that is par for the course. If you participate in sports or exercise, your chances for injury are even greater. When a highly active person experiences injury, it's not just the pain that can be crippling, it's the fact that these soft tissue injuries can greatly impact our emotions. For people who are prone to muscle and connective tissue injuries, the powerful peptide known as TB-500 can be a Godsend! 

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Thymosin beta-4 AKA TB-500, as it is commercially known, is a naturally occurring peptide that is heavily involved in cell proliferation, migration and specialization. Indeed, it is found at its highest levels in platelets and white blood cells. This is relevant, as platelets are the first cells which arrive at a site of injury to release various factors that initiate the repair process.

It has been clinically applied in various contexts such as healing and tissue regeneration in pressure sores and venous ulcers, as well as in dry eyes. Crucially, TB-500 is responsible for a process known as angiogenesis. Angiogenesis refers to the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones. It is a normal physiological process that is vital in growth, development and especially wound healing and the formation of scar tissue.

Studies conducted since 1999 have proven that TB-500 accelerates wound healing primarily through angiogenesis.  However, researchers also elucidated other mechanisms through which TB-500 exacts its healing properties. These are primarily anti-inflammation and anti-fibrosis. TB-500 has been used topically to treat injuries of the skin and eyes successfully.

Interestingly, aside from its wound-healing and regenerative properties, TB-500 has also increased hair growth. Topical TB-500 applications on an every-other-day basis has been proven to accelerate hair growth. The resulting hair has been observed to be thicker, darker and denser. This effect is facilitated through the activation of existing hair follicles rather than the generation of new ones.


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