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By Renew Life RX • April 4, 2019

Powerful Peptides - CJC-1295

For the purposes of getting straight to the point, Peptides are a sequence of amino acids. The use of Peptides, is a fascinating medical breakthrough for patients who are interested in the benefits of optimized health including, fat loss and anti-catabolic muscle tissue enhancement, anti-aging, immune health, gut healing, cardiovascular and neuroprotective health, and various types of tissue repair, including rapid connective tissue injury rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery. 

If you know anything about growth hormone, one of the first things you're likely aware of, is the astronomical price of HGH. It certainly has been shown to help enhance muscle building and fat burning properties, but it is not a cost-effective means for most people. For those of you who are still interested in the radical effects of growth hormone, there is promising news with the arrival of CJC-1295! 

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CJC-1295 is a peptide hormone that comprises of 29 amino acids and is a chemically synthesized analogue of growth-hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). What this means, is that CJC-1295 is chemically similar to GHRH (it has amino acid substitutions at just 4 positions) but differs in the sense that it remains active in the blood-stream for a longer duration. CJC-1295 has been shown to increase growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in humans without any serious adverse reactions. Indeed, a study conducted in 2001 showed that CJC-1295 was safe and generally well tolerated in patients who received a 14-day regimen that was delivered subcutaneously.

By virtue of stimulating the release of growth-hormone, CJC-1295 confers a staggering variety of benefits for the human body. These include increased retention of calcium, increased protein synthesis and muscle growth and increased breakdown of fat. As such, CJC-1295 may have performance enhancing effects, especially for fitness enthusiasts who seek muscular hypertrophy, muscle mass maintenance and fat-loss. Even though this peptide was developed to treat muscular disorders and burns, CJC-125 has been utilised by professional athletes, high-performance and high-fitness individuals without any serious adverse effects. This is because CJC-1295 results in increased lean body mass and increased muscular hypertrophy by means of a potentiated growth-hormone pulsatile release.

As a core component of peptide therapy, CJC-1295 increases the pulsatile strength of GH release to achieve the following 3 outcomes – muscular growth and maintenance, improved healing and tissue regeneration and an enhanced immune system with concomitant anti-inflammatory effects.

*To make matters markedly better, CJC-1295 can be much more affordable than Growth Hormone therapy.


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