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By Renew Life RX • December 7, 2022

Peptide Therapy - Be the better version of yourself!

peptide therapy

In peptide therapy, peptides are utilized specifically to achieve a desired outcome in the body. These molecules have a wide range of applications; as the foundational component of proteins, they are widely distributed throughout our bodies and regulate a wide range of cellular functions. When certain performance and health goals are in mind, people may select to undergo a peptide therapy regimen. As an example, certain peptides are capable of facilitating weight loss efforts by targeting and reducing visceral fat deposits. 

We use peptides for specific reasons, and since they already occur naturally in the human body, they are well tolerated and proven to be safe - they allow us to better manage how our bodies respond to diet and exercise. There are more than 60 peptide medications on the FDA's approved list as of January 2015, and 140 additional peptide compounds are being evaluated.

As the body ages, the production of things at the cellular level slows down. Certain compounds are more explicitly linked to our performance and health than others, and with peptide therapy, we seek to address the things we can control.

Most peptide medications are administered via subcutaneous injection; other applications may also be used, such as topical creams, oral or nasal sprays, or ingestible tablets.

The most common method of administration for peptide therapy is subcutaneous injections. The reason for this is that injection allows for more efficient delivery to the bloodstream, which allows it to be utilized more quickly by the body. However, some peptides are only available in certain other forms, such as oral capsules or nasal sprays. Each peptide available is unique in its own way to be used, depending on your intended results. Our clinic is proud to offer numerous options for peptide therapy to ensure everyone enjoys a personalized approach to their care.