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By Renew Life RX • April 1, 2018

Ipamorelin: The growth releasing Hormone

Benefits of Ipamorelin

How many guys do you know are desperate to gain muscle, losing weight, or have healthy younger looking skin? Too many? Well, they’re probably distracted by the hype of countless miracle supplements that will apparently give them the body that they always dreamed of. However, if they ever heard of Ipamorelin, then they may be on to something.

If there’re different benefits, does that mean people can use it for different purposes? YES! When using Ipamorelin, there are several noted benefits, for different users. To ensure best results for muscle gain, an athlete is going to want to use Ipamorelin with other growth hormones simultaneously. On the other side, some who want to lose weight or reverse the signs of aging are not going to use it in conjunction with other growth hormones. Using Ipamorelin on its own is usually going to suffice to help you in losing some weight. When taking Ipamorelin for anti-aging, you are also going to want to limit interaction with other supplements, and you want to maintain lower dosage levels, when using the supplement to help you with signs of aging.

Should you try Ipamorelin? If you want to see faster weight loss, leaner muscle mass, or slow down the progression of aging, the answer to this question is YES. We encourage you to speak to you doctor about Ipamorelin to get a full understanding about how it can work for you.

For those who are just starting to use Ipamorelin, it is best to begin on lower use cycles. So, you should run a test of 8 weeks, to see how you interact with the product, and to see what kind of effects it will have. After about a month's rest, without use, you can attempt to increase the use cycle, from 8 to 12 weeks. From there, you are going to have a better understanding of how it is going to work, whether or not you are going to suffer from Ipamorelin negative side effects, and also how it is going to interact with other supplements you are using.