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By James Villepigue CSCS • November 14, 2019

IGF-1 You Know Nothing! Super Human Radio Podcast

If you're a fitness enthusiast in the know, you've heard about IGF-1 AKA Insulin-Like Growth Factor - for those who aren't very familiar, it happens to be one of the most powerful and misunderstood peptide compounds within the hormone optimization realm. 

A recent study came out looking at the physiological role of growth hormone and IGF-1: The study tried to show how IGF can cause cancer and ultimately, their stance is a very poor one, saying that suppressing IGF will lead to a longer and healthier life. 

One of the highlights from today's podcast talks about how IGF-1 has an effect on lipolysis, which is the evacuation of free fatty acids from fat cells, putting them into the bloodstream and making them available as a source of energy - Simultaneously, growth hormone causes mitochondria to prefer triglycerides over glucose for energy production!

The presence of IGF helps to liberate the free fatty acids in our body and so, you would think that the excess of free fatty acids in the bloodstream would cause a negative effect on lipid profiles and possibly higher cholesterol, but it DOES NOT! 

The presence of growth hormone and IGF-1 actually creates an environment where it turns your mitochondria into little fat burning factories to burn off the fat and get it out of the bloodstream!

The point is, IGF-1 does not cause cancer and if it did, it would have created a major spike in childhood cancer - children suffering from idiopathic-short-stature are often treated using super physiological doses of weekly growth hormone. This would help to create the perfect scenario for cancer to thrive and the fact of the matter is that it doesn't. 

Tune in to the latest podcast episode let us know how you feel about this exciting discussion and discover all you need to know about supplementing using IGF-1.


*After listening to the latest Super Human Radio podcast, consider reaching out to our in-house peptide specialist, Ronnie "Milo", who can help guide you on your own peptide-based stack.

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~James Villepigue and Team Renew Life RX