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By James Villepigue CSCS • June 12, 2019

Prepare To Get Heart-Core!

Renew Lifers!

This week's Renew Life RX podcast is a powerful one, folks! Our very own Adam Lamb, joins forces with the great Carl Lanore, of Super Human Radio. The gentlemen discuss an extraordinary phenomenon known as Angiogenesis - The process by which new blood vessels are created through pre-existing vessels in the heart.

This week's fascinating show sheds light on how Angiogenesis actually occurs and the fact that it cannot occur without the presence of testosterone!

During the show, Adam and Carl, break down Angiogenesis, explaining how and why people either experience  pathological heart disease OR physiological heart health and how to tell one from the other...

By the end of the show, you will more clearly understand that you have the ability to positively improve your health when you apply accurate information  - you'll discover that knowledge truly is power and the take-away wisdom contained in this week's show, when applied, can forever impact the quality of your life, from this point on!

Let's get to it - click here to listen, now!

Keep Going!