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By James Villepigue CSCS • April 26, 2019

Got A Minute...MAX!                                          The Five-Muscular Tiers - #3 Cardio Exercise

sandfitWhen it comes to heart health and fat loss, there’s nothing like a sandwich!

I developed a means by which to help Renew Life RX clients optimize your body’s metabolic energy system, so that when you indulge in your "sandwiching", you'll be placing your body into a state of what I refer to as, “ever-burn”

I call it sandwich-fit, and I've done so, because you'll be sandwiching early morning cardio with end of the day/nighttime cardio and placing your daily life in between the two. The morning cardio is our first slice; we then slap the day on top and then cover it with some late afternoon/night time cardio. This cardio sandwiching becomes a fat burning insurance policy, ensuring that you’re beginning and ending the day with a premium best of both worlds approachto body fat burning and optimized heart health. 

Here are the details and how it works...

versusSandwich-Fit is a combination of “fasted” and “fed” cardio exercise.

Fasted cardio is performed first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, forcing your body to use triglycerides aka fats for energy. This simply means that because the body is void of carbohydrates from a typical 8-hour sleep cycle, the body’s energy system is derived from fat instead of glycogen. We perform this fasted cardio for approximately 22 minutes during each day of the week. Besides being a wonderful fat burning method, it’s also an awesome way to boost your energy, helping to really get your day started.

Your fed cardio slice is performed later in the day, where you’ve already eaten plenty of clean food and are getting energy from glycogen aka carbohydrates.

Your fed cardio session should last approximately 15 minutes and take place at the end of your day. This start/end cardio sandwich will ensure that you’re keeping your fat metabolism stoked and can help you lose a dramatic amount of body fat, very quickly!

This week's expert tip comes from leading brain  optimization expert, *Ava Diamond:

"The Sandwich-Fit protocol has another amazing benefit: BRAIN HEALTH. Starting and ending your day with cardiovascular activity shifts brain chemistry to produce more serotonin and norapinephrine (the happy chemicals) which helps to reduce stress and ward off depression or anxiety. Then there is what I call the “Circle of Life” impact: having less stress and a brighter mood makes you feel revitalized and more energetic for your workouts! 

fititinMany people, however, will struggle with the idea of incorporating two fitness sessions into their already hectic life. Demands are often too high to figure out how to add one more thing! The Diamond Mind Strategy that supports adopting and maintaining the Sandwich-Fit plan is Flexible Discipline.

Flexible Discipline gives you the opportunity to vary factors while staying committed to your overall goal. In this case, you can decide that one of your cardio sessions of the day is done outside (fast walking with a loved one), dancing in your living room, or walking the stairs at the office before heading home so it’s done before you start your family focus, for example.  Cardio doesn’t have to be done one way so make it a fun way! Being creative is important to maintenance so that you don’t get bored or create way excuses for not getting it done."

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS

ava*Ava Diamond, Psychotherapist/Pro Fitness Competitor, Creator of Diamond Mind Strategies, a Mental fitness and Nutritional psychology coaching program to optimize brain & body.  Ava, is also a Renew Life RX patient, who happens to be a very young 55-years old!