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By Adam Lamb • October 23, 2018

Are your hormones the reason for increased alcohol consumption?


As we age our hormones decline. When those hormones decrease it is harder to win the battles in life as well as we used to at a younger age. Too often we seek unhealthy avenues to mask or “Band-Aid” our symptoms.


Men primarily, but many women also can suffer from a higher increase of substance abuse issues with age due to low testosterone and other hormone deficiencies. Alcohol being number one, but prescription medication is a close second.


When we become stressed, our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol. When cortisol levels are too high we have symptoms including:


-Severe Fatigue.

-Depression, anxiety, and irritability.

-Loss of emotional control.

-Cognitive difficulties


The list continues to go on. In a society that has glorified drinking alcohol to “take the edge off” or “relax”, it makes it very easy to combat the above symptoms with a drink or two. It is the easy way to unwind.


The reality is that many people find those symptoms disappearing once they have explored their hormone levels and seek treatment. They totally shift from a survival mentality to a thriving mentality.


Optimized hormone levels help us battle the high cortisol levels in our stressed-out bodies. Some of us have chosen a high stress lifestyle and “slowing down” is not an option. So, we need to figure out a better way to manage that stress. Yoga, meditation, and exercise are all great outlets for this, but most of the time for those of us over 35 there is a chemical imbalance in our body.


Finding treatment can be challenging because most primary physicians do not treat stress in this way. If you have questions on exploring this for yourself, please contact